Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

As I walked home tonight, just the short walk from my car to my apartment, I pondered. I sought solace. Not enjoyment, not entertainment, not even happiness. Solace. From what, I don't know. How to reach it was equally unknown.

My thoughts continued. Where do other people find solace? What do they turn to, or who? What or who, outside of religion? This was just a curiosity, not necessarily what I wanted. Just a question. Do people find solace? Or distractions?

Outside of God, solace would seem to come through entertainment, which, as I've already noted, is not the same as solace. It is a distraction from the distress or sadness.

But not all things aside from God are unable to provide solace. Take writing for example. It is my bottle of spirits. My long draw on a cigarette. My romantic movie. My party. Even, at times, my prayer.



-eg [12.16.10]

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