It was my birthday yesterday. I'm 23 now. Prime number. I like prime numbers.
I went to dinner with some friends -- it was a small group, but a fun group nonetheless. (This is the last week of classes, which didn't occur to me until half the people I invited declined because of the mounting work they have to finish. Bummer.)

 Two of my roommates: Soleil and Kelsey

Me, Sarah, Thomas and Jordan.

Yes, yes I am wearing the same headband and sweatshirt that I wore last year when I went to lunch for Kyle's, Katie's and my birthdays. Totally not a conscious choice. Apparently I need to switch out my wardrobe a bit, huh? :o) 

I'm very blessed, with great friends and a stellar family. Just sayin'. 


  1. Doesn't it feel good to be able to go out for your birthday and not have to worry about finals?

  2. HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDDDDDAY! (When you say that out loud it doesn't really work.) Ben was sad he didn't catch you on your birthday, but I guess you were out with THOSE people. Hope you had fun!

  3. Happy belated-Birthday! Enjoy 23!