Christmas List.

it's never too early to post a Christmas list, right? ;o)

 sketch book. not hard bound.

 Bamboo computer drawing tablet. 

small knife. like my brothers'.

bbc's 2009 "emma"

conair hair brush.

old navy black hoodie. size: large. i think they only sell them online now. 

 iTunes gift card. any amount. 

 "phineas and ferb" dvd. any. 

sweater/cardigan. preferably without embroidery work.

isn't this necklace rad?! found here.

Oh, I almost forgot.


  1. Too bad that I don't have your name for Christmas because I just happen to have all those things in a box for DI in my garage. Oh, well. Someone else will have to enjoy those stacks of money this year.

  2. good to know. Do I have your name? I can't remember who's name I have. I am lame.