Today I voted. The second time in my life that I've done that, excluding voting for 5th grade class president and where we should go for our family Christmas break-dinner. I researched the candidates and the Utah constitutional amendments, so I felt justified in taking an "I Voted" sticker. Not those who ignorantly vote for whomever their finger lands on while standing at the machine DON'T deserve a sticker, it just seems like they don't deserve it as much. Or, they should have another sticker that says, "I Voted ... But only so I could get this sticker."

I was gonna tell you who I voted for, but that would be like telling you what I wished for when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake. It'd just be wrong. Plus, if I told you, then those people wouldn't get elected. ... Wait, that IS how it works, right?

After leaving the polling station, I had nothing else to do. That has been happening a lot lately, and will continue to happen since I work at either 2:30 or 6 p.m. That's a lot of daylight to kill. So, I drove up to the base of Y-Mountain with my camera. I started up the first switch-back with no intention of going past the next bend, but my boredom got the better of me, so I just kept going. Mind you, by "kept going" I mean I decided to hike to the top, not that I didn't stop quite often to catch my breath. I always forget how stinkin' steep that trail is and how incredibly out of shape I am. But I made it! I always do. And it felt amazing. There's just something about physical exertion that can't be beat. Couple that with a gorgeous autumn day and a spectacular view, and well, my friend, you've got the recipe for awesomeness.

I have a few more to show you.
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  1. Liz what a GREAT photographer you are. These shots are just beautiful. I went to your other site and OH MY what BEAUTIFUL Pics you have. You do an awesome job. Keep up the good work. I love seeing your work because it reminds me of the west that I miss so much.