Uh, I have another amendment to my Christmas list. An amendment to the amendment, actually (or is it addendum?) I don't want all The Beatles' albums (well, I do, but well, let me finish). I want, even more, all, or several of, Josh Groban's albums. I don't have any. And that's really a shame. So, Mom, Catherine, and anyone else wanting to bring me some Christmas cheer, here are his albums (that I would love to have in my possession):
  • Illuminations (2010)
  • Noel (2007)
  • Awake (2006)
  • Closer (2003)
  • Josh Groban (2001)
  • A Collection (2008)
Now, I realize all these Christmas list posts make me seem really selfish, self-centered, greedy, or just completely childish in how I'm overlooking the true meaning of Christmas. But if the media is correct, and they usually are, gifts are the core part of Christmas, so I'm just following the trend. I'm a trend-follower, what can I say.

No but seriously, now. I just want to make sure I don't mess this up. You know, the one time of year I can ask for things and not feel like a jerk. (But, ironically, I still do. Ha.)

In summation, the end.


  1. I think posting Christmas lists is quite polite actually. You are reducing the stress of gift-givers by giving them plenty of options. How thoughtful of you.

  2. Why thank you Heather, I really am thoughtful, huh?