I was standing outside with some co-workers after 8 hours of designing, editing, and talking of Harry Potter. It was so cold, and being the genius that I am, I wore flip-flops to work and forgot my p-coat. Yeah. So as we were talking, I finally jumped in during a break in conversation and said, "Well, I've gotta go. I'm freezing." And THEN, ok, this is where the story gets good, I was driving home and passed a bank with a ghetto light bulb sign that tells you the time and temperature, and guess what it said. Guess. Yeah, 0° C and 32° F. When I said I was freezing, I wasn't exaggerating. If my 3rd-grade science memorization is correct, 0°C and 32°F is what is known as "freezing." As Sid the sloth would say, "I'm-a-geniuth!" (Which, actually, is funny that I wrote that because I previously, as in, earlier in the paragraph, sarcastically referred to myself as a genius. Coincidence? ... Yeah, I guess so.)

One of my roommates is from Guatemala. She speaks Spanish. She speaks Spanish on the phone. And sometimes she switches back and forth between Spanish and English on the phone. It throws me off sometimes because, I'm not gonna lie, I totally zone out and forget she's talking when she's speaking Spanish, but then she'll say two words in English and I suddenly get really interested in what in the world she's talking about. If only I'd paid closer attention in 9th-grade Spanish. Heck, I can't even remember my Latin name that I was referred to in that class. Estefania? Esmerelda? Estefelda?

Guess what time it is? Late. That's what time it is. I'm pretty sure you knew that after reading the preceding paragraphs. Shockingly, I don't act like this in real life all the time. Just when I'm hopped up on goof balls .... or really tired. One of those two.

Peace out. Word to ya motha.

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