• I moved into my new apartment today. My roommates are really nice. But judging from the history of this area I know live in, I may or may not be buying me some mace and a knife. I've seen West Side Story enough to know how to use the knife, and I'm pretty sure mace is just like spraying PAM. Hey, maybe I could just carry PAM around with me. Less expensive, I think. Well, the Western Family kind is.
  • Do you think you lose weight by coughing? I've heard laughing can be a great calorie burner. I've been coughing so much that my sides feel like I've been doing crunches all day, and the middle of my chest, where my ribs connect, feels like someone hucked a softball at it. I've gone to two movies this week (yay dollar theater and dates!) and, well, you know that guy you always dread sitting by, the one with the sinus problem or the phlegmy cough? Yeah, I was that guy (girl). Sorry, strangers. My bad. 
  • I love food. I hate how expensive it is. 
  • Elizabeth = Champion of Dr. Mario. Challenge me, I dare you. I will conquer. 
  • Tomorrow = farmers market. So. Excited. Apples, pumpkins, 50-60 degree weather. Mmm, yeah.


  1. cheap food = thekrazycouponlady.com it's a life saver :)

  2. What? You've already gone on a date? You sneaky girl. I'm glad you are having fun.