I started a new job this week. It's at a newspaper. A big-kid newspaper, as some would call it. It looks (the newsroom, that is) like the movies, I suppose. Old furniture, old computers, stacks of books and papers, horrible lighting in a sketchy break room with a rank fridge and over-priced vending machines. The people vary in age and race (OK, basically all white) and religion (Mormon and Jack-Mormon, I believe are the majorities). Unlike the movies, however, the people are not all gorgeous. (I mean, have you seen "The Soloist"? Robert Downey, Jr., even as a scruffy and beat up columnist, is good looking. And don't eve get me started on Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffmann ["All the President's Men"], James Marsden ["27 Dresses"], Josh Duhamel ["When in Rome"], Alexis Bledel ["Gilmore Girls"] and the list goes on). But I think I'll fit in because of all these "normal" looking people. (Don't get me wrong, there are some very good looking people there, I was just trying to make a point).

While we're on the topic of movies and newspapers, do you notice how Hollywood romanticizes journalists? Seriously, reporters, journalists, copy editors -- whatever you want to call these people who work in dingy newsrooms -- do not have the best jobs in the world. Looking at how Hollywood presents it, though, they'd have fooled me. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is: Do not trust Hollywood. Not with your future career. Especially not with men. And not with living in the big city. (Man they make it seem awesome, huh? I have my doubts. Give me the beach, the forest, even the prairie or a suburbia, and it'd be better than a big city for livin'.)

Maybe in the near future I will write more about this topic of journalism and my involvement in it. Not for your sake, poor readers, but for my own enjoyment, I guess. Like how I was tricked by the aforementioned Hollywood into entering a career I didn't completely understand, and now doubt whether I want to continue in. (Although, please, don't tell my boss that. I like my job now. I'm just considering the future.)


  1. totally agree with you about the big city living. chicago is pretty cool i guess, but it's definitely not as cool as in the movies ;)

  2. Thinking about a career change? Well, you're already in Provo, you should go back to school for something completely different! :)

  3. So...you work with a bunch of ugly people, eh?