Just so my family in Texas knows, I don't love Provo more than you. That's why I cried when I left you and that's why my heart is still sore now.

I just thought I needed to add that.

And also, I've been wanting to watch the 2009 BBC "Emma" ever since we (Cath, Deon and I) finished watching it last week. It's way good. I mean, Mr. Knightly? He just, gets me, you know? Ha ha.

Speaking of Mr. Knightly, I'm pretty sure this guy I know is the modern-day Mr. Knightly. Unfortunately, I think I'm Harriet Smith. But, then again, if I can find a Mr. Martin, then that'd be OK too.

And speaking of Mr. Knightly some more, he's 16 years older than Emma. And Fredrick Bhear? He's like, 20-something years older than Jo March. I think, looking at my literary preferences, I am destined to marry an older man.

And, speaking of older men, my great-great-great grandfather, Jens Nielson, was the first bishop of Bluff, Utah. He was a polygamist -- three wives. I come from the second wife, who I have heard referred to as, "the ugly wife." But, no matter. On the way up to Provo on Saturday, Dad and I followed Devon, Sarah and the boys up to Bluff to check out the old fort, grave yard and Jens' house.

Spencer in a wagon at the fort.

James in a handcart.

Me in front of Jens Nielson's house in Bluff.

 The (second) wife -- Kirsten Jensen Nielson.

The husband -- Jens Nielson. (See that gold plaque on the bottom? That means it's recognized as a pioneer landmark. ... Or something like that. It means it's cool, basically.)

There was a fence around all these graves, but there was also a gate to get in, so Dad started pulling the weeds. Devon and Sarah joined in. I took pictures.


  1. We love you too. We miss you but hope you are happy there. Ps isn't James the cutest kid you have ever seen in you life?!?!

  2. I miss you and I know that you love us. But I know what you mean about Provo (Utah) being home. It's okay. Just make sure you don't forget the little people (i.e. us).