I'd be lying if I said this isn't hard.

It is.

I don't usually realize how hard things are until I've gotten through them and, looking back, I think, "Wow, that was hard, huh? Welp, good thing it's over."

But not this time. The awareness of my sorry situation hit before it even really began. I guess that can happen when you choose to make your life harder as opposed to life springing stuff on you.

But you know what? It's fall in Provo, and nothing is better than autumn in the west. For me, anyway. And you know what else? Utah has become my home. Yeah, I grew up in Washington and it'll always be a magical place in my mind, but Provo is my home. I grew up physically in the northwest. I've grown up in every other sense here on the Wasatch front. So, it was hard to move back, and it's hard to be back, but I'm glad just the same. Because I'm home and there are so many things (and people) making this easy.

Now if only the rest of my family would come back too. ;o)

BYU Campus 2009 -- © e. gosney


After 16+ hours of driving, Dad and I arrived in Monument Valley to the hospitality of Devon and Sarah on Friday night. I was so tired, having driven all that way on only 5 hours of sleep and the ill effects of caffeine (i.e. crashing after a temporary high, but still not being able to sleep). Anyway, on Saturday morning, Sarah and the boys came out into the living room where I was sleeping, so Sarah suggested I go into James' room. I was incoherent and disoriented, so as I got up I said to Sarah, "I'm confused as to where I am." As I said it, I thought, "I am not using modern-day English," and was really embarrassed before falling unconscious again. As I started to wake up again, I thought, "Hey, this'll make a really funny story to tell Catherine." And once again, I was mistaken. Yet I took the time to type it all. So part of me must still think it's funny.

But seriously now, here's something genuinely amusing. Spencer and his amazing singing talent.



  1. I'm glad you love Utah. We miss you here, but we are lucky to get to see you at Christmas. P.S. I thought the story was funny. :)

  2. Provo is an amazing place to be.

  3. I thought it was hilarious. I laughed. What song was Spencer singing?