Take it from someone who sells the overpriced pieces of plastic, authentic Ray Bans are not worth the $150+ price tag. In fact, I like how the knock-off ones fit better.

Just got Chris Merritt's 2008 CD, "Pixie and the Bear" in the mail. Ahh, I love his voice. It seems his music is my soundtrack during times of transition, change, confusion and important decisions.

It was actually cold on Monday evening here in Texas. As in, I walked outside and said, "Oh, it's cold." Yeah, I needed a sweatshirt even. Woah.

(Actually, this is Corona Del Mar in California. But, the point is, nice weather. Ha ha.)

Once upon a time (2 months ago) I said I was leaving Provo "forever," as in, never going back to live. Perhaps to visit, but not to live. Well, past self, I must amend your statement with, "Said the liar."

Get my drift?

Wait, I think it's "catch my drift." Although, both don't make a lot of sense. What is drifting? Is drift a noun? 


  1. We're sad to see you go but we love that we got the last few months with you. Have fun!

  2. We definitely need to play when you get back!

  3. I am very familiar with drifting, not in a physical sense, but I can relate. I think drifting is a noun when there is no action, i.e. personal progression, taking place. When we can take the opportunity to make our "state of limbo" a time to be proactive and prepare for the "life changing" experiences we are so eagerly anticipating, then it becomes a verb. I feel like I am in limbo concerning certain aspects of my life and it can be maddening. For me it's like I'm wandering around in a valley and there are only two ways out. But the decision isn't as easy as choosing road 1 or 2, because as each path progresses, it encounters a split, then another... So while the valley offers no opportunity for growth, it has the comfort of familiarity, but that's just code for saying I'm chicken.

    I am soooo glad you are coming back to Provo, it will be nice to have someone to bum around in "limbo" with.

  4. Hi there Elizabeth. Mark and I have been keeping up with you thru your blog, but I think that I should post something so that you know we are thinking about you and hope all is going well. What have you been up to and what job did you apply for and get? I can tell you that we both miss living in the west, but most of the family is here in the east.

    Love; Mark and Questa Hoyy