Is it bad that I thoroughly enjoy the Jonas Brothers? Yes, I suppose it is. I'm 22 years old.

Just a thought.

Here's another.

After multiple suggestions that I read "The Hunger Games," Kelsey finally convinced me and gave me the first two books. That was on Monday. It's Wednesday night and I just finished the third and final book of the series. All I've gotta say is, "Twilight? Don't patronize me. That is rubbish." I don't want to make this into a long book review, but the most basic things that make "The Hunger Games" better than "Twilight" are: 1) A better plot line because of its depth and concern with more than just three or four characters. 2) A more believable and likable heroin, although equally grumpy and sullen as Bella, because of her genuine expression of feelings in her inner-monologues in addition to consideration of so many points-of-view. 3) I actually felt sorrow for characters. I cared what happened to them. Yeah, I even got teary eyed at times.

Now, this isn't to say "The Hunger Games" books don't have their flaws. They do. A lot of questions I'd like answered. But compared to other books in the same genre, it made a much better impression. I don't want an Edward, or a Jacob. I want a boy who shares a name with a flat bread. :o)

Now, a picture:

 "Whoever I am and whatever I am doing, some kind Excellence is within my reach." --John W. Gardiner


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed them. They are just about the best books I have ever read. Now it's hard to find another book without being dissapointed.

  2. I really need to read those...
    I don't mind the Jonas brothers except when they call themselves rock stars, sorry buddies, not even close, pop stars maybe.

  3. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!! haven't read the third one yet...It's hard to convince someone to read them it's like "it's about a bunch of teens who have to kill each other, and the rest of the country watches it-BUT it's also a love story so you should read it"

  4. I have to agree with you on the Hunger Games seies! It is one of my all time favorites!!!
    Guess what? I just read an article in the LDS Living magazine about diapers and guess who wrote it??? Um, you silly!!! Your simply amazing!
    Love ya!

  5. I missed Jonas LA last night. I guess I will have to watch it with you guys when you come this weekend right? Oh you guys are coming this weekend by the way.