Someone to be with.


But just the same,

Someone to miss.

Someone to miss me.

Someone to come home to.

Someone to get away with.

And, maybe, sometimes get away from. (Actually, take out the "maybe." I've been around enough couples to know the truth).

Someone who'll make me laugh and, especially,

Someone who'll laugh at me.

Someone who agrees with me because we think alike

And the same someone who disagrees, because that makes life exciting.

Someone who tries new things, but can have the good sense not to sometimes. (Octopus? Is that really necessary?)

Someone who will dance with me wherever the occasion may arise.

And someone who'll sing in the car with me, because that was why CD players were put in cars.

Someone to play catch with. And doesn't throw like a girl. 

Someone to turn 'me' into 'we.'

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