Take it from someone who sells the overpriced pieces of plastic, authentic Ray Bans are not worth the $150+ price tag. In fact, I like how the knock-off ones fit better.

Just got Chris Merritt's 2008 CD, "Pixie and the Bear" in the mail. Ahh, I love his voice. It seems his music is my soundtrack during times of transition, change, confusion and important decisions.

It was actually cold on Monday evening here in Texas. As in, I walked outside and said, "Oh, it's cold." Yeah, I needed a sweatshirt even. Woah.

(Actually, this is Corona Del Mar in California. But, the point is, nice weather. Ha ha.)

Once upon a time (2 months ago) I said I was leaving Provo "forever," as in, never going back to live. Perhaps to visit, but not to live. Well, past self, I must amend your statement with, "Said the liar."

Get my drift?

Wait, I think it's "catch my drift." Although, both don't make a lot of sense. What is drifting? Is drift a noun? 


Lilly knows how to enjoy a peach.

See ahjunkphotography.blogspot.com for more or my photographs. 


Today I :

painted a plate

shot spicy Chinese food into my eye

failed to write as planned

bought a big bulletin board

canceled an interview and have never felt so relieved

wore my glasses -- all day

and uploaded pictures of the moon i took last night.

© 2010 E. Gosney

I'm reading a book right now called, "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg. It's amazing. One of the things she said is that maybe those drunken, drug addicted artists are really just starving for the ability to adequately do their art. Well, the way she said it made sense. To me anyway. So if I ever become a alcoholic or a crack-addict, give me a pen and a piece of paper and I should snap out of it. ;o)


Does this look like an advertisement for a charity or something? For some reason black and white photos of kids always give me that impression. ;o)

For a closer look of these cute kids (who are not for sale) go to my photography blog, here.


Moving away is like dying, except fewer people praising you for your accomplishments. Just a lot of goodbyes, tears, snot, regrets, and hopes you'll meet again. And even if you could go back, it just isn't the same. Especially if they bought you a really expensive flower arrangement for your coffin. It'd be like, "Hey, I ain't buying that again, you ingrate, so you best stay gone."

I bought a lens. It should be here in 2-10 days.

I just applied for a job in Provo. Ha ha haaaaa -- half of me wants it, and the other half is screaming, "YOU DROVE 24 HOURS! You best make it worth it, woman!"

Yes, yes I do call myself "woman" in a derogatory way. I also call Catherine, "Hobo." It's her new nickname, so when you see her, make sure to call her that. She really likes it.

See? She is smiling because I said, "Smile while holding up your new purse, Hobo!"

Plus, it rhymes with "oboe," which just holds so much promise.


Is it bad that I thoroughly enjoy the Jonas Brothers? Yes, I suppose it is. I'm 22 years old.

Just a thought.

Here's another.

After multiple suggestions that I read "The Hunger Games," Kelsey finally convinced me and gave me the first two books. That was on Monday. It's Wednesday night and I just finished the third and final book of the series. All I've gotta say is, "Twilight? Don't patronize me. That is rubbish." I don't want to make this into a long book review, but the most basic things that make "The Hunger Games" better than "Twilight" are: 1) A better plot line because of its depth and concern with more than just three or four characters. 2) A more believable and likable heroin, although equally grumpy and sullen as Bella, because of her genuine expression of feelings in her inner-monologues in addition to consideration of so many points-of-view. 3) I actually felt sorrow for characters. I cared what happened to them. Yeah, I even got teary eyed at times.

Now, this isn't to say "The Hunger Games" books don't have their flaws. They do. A lot of questions I'd like answered. But compared to other books in the same genre, it made a much better impression. I don't want an Edward, or a Jacob. I want a boy who shares a name with a flat bread. :o)

Now, a picture:

 "Whoever I am and whatever I am doing, some kind Excellence is within my reach." --John W. Gardiner


Someone to be with.


But just the same,

Someone to miss.

Someone to miss me.

Someone to come home to.

Someone to get away with.

And, maybe, sometimes get away from. (Actually, take out the "maybe." I've been around enough couples to know the truth).

Someone who'll make me laugh and, especially,

Someone who'll laugh at me.

Someone who agrees with me because we think alike

And the same someone who disagrees, because that makes life exciting.

Someone who tries new things, but can have the good sense not to sometimes. (Octopus? Is that really necessary?)

Someone who will dance with me wherever the occasion may arise.

And someone who'll sing in the car with me, because that was why CD players were put in cars.

Someone to play catch with. And doesn't throw like a girl. 

Someone to turn 'me' into 'we.'