I am 36 hours away from completing my internship.
I am 38 hours away from completing my job at The Daily Universe (give or take a few hours).
I am 17 days away from moving out of my apartment.
I am 23 days and 6 hours away from leaving Utah.
I am 24 days away from being completely lost in what could happen next in my life. I have no concrete plans. Just a 20 hour drive to a new state in hopes of finding a job, in hopes of saving up to go to grad school, in hopes of getting into that grad school, in hopes of graduating in something I actually want to do for the rest of my life.

I'm swimming around in a lot of "away from's." I have a feeling I'll soon be drowning in the "hopes." The ground, I suppose, will be when I find "is." Oh, sweet solid ground. I'm a-comin' for ya.

Suddenly being young and free isn't so appealing. Old and settled. That's what I want right now.


  1. The unknowns in life, can be our biggest trials. And yet after they have ended, we wonder why it was so hard. I feel the same way much of the time. Good luck with all of your "exciting!" decisions!

  2. It happens to the best of us. Just remember that your insecurity will be surrounded by me and my family. what more could you ask for? Well, I guess Mom, Dad and CAtherine will be there too. :)

  3. Who am I supposed to go to the Farmer's Market with once you leave town?! So selfish....

  4. Oh man, Kathy, you should see the farmers market in Dallas! So. Awesome. We have to go when you come to Texas.

  5. Ok, I guess we can still be friends then!