Seriously, pictures do not do this abrasion justice. It hurts like a mother. An angry-yelling-at-her-kids-in-Wal-Mart-mother.

Yesterday was a fun day. Here's some pictures to prove it.

Anna and Gage at Mason's birthday party.

Gabe and Gage.

We did fireworks after presents and cupcakes. Mason is wearing his 'Super M'/Batman cape that Anna made him.

Hayden holding a Roman candle. Shweet.

Thomas and Gabe playin' with fire.

Thomas and I went up Spanish Fork Canyon after Mason's party to hang out with some friends. These are called stars. I forgot what they were like.


©2010 E. Gosney


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  1. I love the video. Do you like your new camcorder? I can't believe how old Mason and Gage look. I thought Gage was Mason when I saw that first picture.