do you ever catch yourself doing something you promised yourself you'd never do?

i do. all the time.

like whistling along to songs when the musician is not whistling.

or getting angry at innocent store clerks.

or waiting at a party for someone to talk to me instead of talking to them first.

that last one, well, that one i do most often. it's a horrible habit. self-defeating, really. i justify it by thinking, "it's ok, i have lots of friends. i don't HAVE to talk to him/her."

my oft-times wise friend told me something the other day that squashes my argument.

"do it for them," he said.

yeah, i should. maybe i don't need another friend (which is a lie, in all honesty), but maybe they do.

maybe they do.

just something to think about. mostly for me, but something for you too.

© e. gosney 2010

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  1. That is SO true. Thank you. I have been thinking of that lately, but you put it nicer than I could. :)