My grandpa passed away on Sunday morning. Today was the funeral. We started out with just the family at 9 a.m. where we had a viewing and then his wife (my grandma) and his four kids (including my mom) all shared memories and their testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. (Other members of the family and a few very close friends also shared memories of my grandpa. My brother Thomas' memory of bearing the name Roberts was one of my favorites.)

The family meeting was hardest in terms of not crying. The actual funeral service was pretty funny with all the stories told about my grandpa and his "brown look" and animal-shaped pancakes. The family then went to the grave site where my Uncle Tom dedicated the grave and several of the grandsons acted as pallbearers. We ate lunch back at the church and it ended up being a really good day. I loved being with my family.

My grandpa was, and is, a great man. Incredibly intelligent, yet so humble. Somber at times, but with a quick whit and sense of humor like no other. He was faithful and obedient, but not blindly so. He knew the Gospel is true and was not ashamed of it. He bore his testimony in word and deed. He'll be missed here on earth, but we'll see him again someday.

The pallbearers -- Phil, Gabe, Dustin, Devon, Cameron, Peter and Thomas.
Pattie and Brian's family (except for Noah and the in-laws) and Grandma.
Tom and Traci's family and Grandma.
Part of my family with Grandma Deon.
The kids with their mama -- Mark, Carrie, Grandma, Tom and Pattie
Hannah and Catherine.
Aunt Pattie and my mom, Carrie Jo. They crack me up. Me and my sisters are gonna be just like this when we get older too. :o)


  1. What are you talking about, "when we get older"?

  2. I love the one of Catherine and hannah

  3. I will never be so immature, bahaaaaa! Oh boy, I am pretty sure we are already like that.