I saw an old man at the store today who was using a crutch. He also had a black eye-patch. No parrot, though. I smiled at him as I passed, looking into his one good eye. Someday I'm gonna be cool like him.

I figured it out. I have the sense of humor of a chubby, middle-aged, white-collar male. It's true. And that is why few people readily accept my humor as it comes out of my mouth: a chubby, twenty-something, poor college female. I can't think of a way to describe it, a way to prove my point, but it's true. Believe me. I'll think of an example, or better yet, probably live an example today while trying to be funny around strangers. They'll give me pity laughs and awkward looks before changing the subject. Ha ha, I love it. And then, when people choose to stick around me, I know they'll be a true friend. So, in conclusion, having the humor of my physical and socio-economic antithesis is greatly beneficial to my emotional and social well-being.

Oh, did I tell you I went to Seattle? I love that city.
Mini-doughnuts are da best. (And Stevie is too.)
Washington (Puget Sound) Beaches: Rocks, seaweed, driftwood, shells and small waves. Gotta love it.


  1. What? A real live pirate...or some guy who escaped from the hospital. :) I love your sense of humor. It's the same as mine, so what does that say for me? Well, I think I am funny, so I guess that doesn't say much for me. :)

  2. I think all of the Gosney sisters have the same sense of humor. Either people get us or they really don't. And I think my boys would have said something at the store about the man. They would have said, "look mom a pirate!" They would have said it really loud too, just like they did about the guy that looked like Santa Claus the other day at the store. gotta love them. Oh and Lizzy I had a dream that you and I went skiing the other day, but not for recreation but to get a story for an article you were writing. I know weird huh?!?