It's 9 p.m. I have an article due in 12 hours. I haven't started it yet, nor have I slept a sufficient amount of hours in the past couple days. Last night? 3.5 hours. Then I was on a plane for 5 hours, landing in El Paso, Phoenix and finally Salt Lake City. Planes are not comfortable places to sleep.

In consequence of procrastinating this article and not getting enough sleep, I am writing on my blog and playing around with all the photos I took this past week instead. One wedding. Two family portrait sessions. And a bunch of snap shots of my Texas visit. Wanna see?

Devon, Spencer, Sarah and James
Lilly, Aurora and Jemma
Charlie and Ben

Spot the difference between these two photos: 

Alright. I better get going on that article. I wish I had some cotton, striped, men's pajamas. They would make this so much better. 

[Check out my photography blog for more photos]


  1. I see the difference...do I win a prize?

  2. Ummmmmm, how about going with me to the Farmers Market?!

  3. Is the difference that you took out my sunburned face?

  4. Oh, and you gave me my tooth back! Yeah.

  5. I think that's the perfect prize, it's a date! Not that we're dating...that'd be weird.