I got to visit with my grandpa on Monday -- my dad's father, obviously not my mom's father, who passed away a couple weeks ago. He is a stinkin' amazing guy. He flew more than 35 missions over Japan during WWII and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bringing home a B-29 and its crew safely after being shot up and losing an engine. He earned his Professional Engineering license in 1960 and said it was his "greatest accomplishment." He's the father of six children, has never owned a computer (I doubt he's ever used one) and still lives on his own in the house my dad grew up in. He turns 89 next month, and said he does puzzles and reads old western novels to keep himself busy. He used to be at least 6 feet tall, but now he's probably just 5'9" or so. Since I can remember, he's always had a short white beard or goatee. It suits him. I love how he laughs and smiles with his eyes. He's a good man. I'm glad I got to talk with him for a little while.

One of my best friends got married last weekend in the Seattle Temple. I took the pictures. Simply put, I have a lot to learn. But Carly and Andrew are beautiful people, so I didn't have to make them look good, they already did. ;o) Here's a sneak peak. 

I love how they love each other. And laugh with each other. So awesome.

Three amigas. Stevie, Carly and me. (I got to really utilize my tripod and timer.)


Now I'm in Texas, trying not to suffocate from the humidity. I was going to try and adjust from Pacific Time to Central Time, but I failed. It's 2 a.m. and I'm wide awake -- that's odd though, since I'm usually tired by midnight anyway, which is what my body thinks the time is...


  1. Awwww cute. She is a beautiful bride.

  2. Man, you are a traveling fool!!! Great wedding pictures!
    Christa Johnson