Writing a news article, in many ways, is like playing Dominoes or Scrabble. You have all these quotes, ideas, paraphrased paragraphs and background information and a million different ways to arrange them all. You start off with a strong lede (the hardest part, at least for me) and then a nutgraph. Once that's done, you plug in a quote. Then an explanation that leads into another quote. Stick in some background info and another quote. Paraphrase. Quote. And then you get stuck. The last quote just doesn't work. Sure, it sounds good, but it doesn't lead you anywhere. Like in Dominoes, it's a double 7 tile, but you don't have any other seven tiles. So you back up, taking that seven tile away and stashing it for later, if ever. The same concept works for Scrabble. You have a D and an O and an R and a K and things are looking great, but then you don't have anything else to play and you have to rethink it all.

Life is too often like a game. Dr. Mario. Scrabble. Dominoes. Yet, it is very rarely like the game LIFE. Ironic? I think so.


It's funny when things happen today that you were hoping would've happened a few weeks ago. And by today, you don't really care any more, but then it happens and you start hoping for things like it to happen tomorrow too. You know? Yeah. You get what I'm saying.


  1. too bad life isn't more like Monopoly...pass go get 200$ SWEET!

  2. You crack me up. I hope you are on the road right now. Be safe.

  3. yea, I totally know what your saying! Except the very hard part about writing, cuz I didn't know some of those words you used. I think I should have paid more attention in college!