Today could've been a bad day, but it was a good day.

Bad things included being completely bored and useless at work (but then I got to leave early), having my chocolate-covered peanuts melt in the sun (they hardened back up after a couple hours), having a sore above my eye that makes my whole face feel bruised (uh, hm, nope, this is still bad), and getting a ticket for having two license plates (one on my bumper because the screw is rusted on, and one in the back window because that's the one with current registration.) After finding the ticket on my windshield, I got in my car and broke down. It was odd, seeing as $30 is not something to cry over. Not that hard, anyway. It was the moaning kind of cry, you know? Usually I content myself with the silent cry, but I was alone in my car, so I felt like just letting it all out through my voice was totally worth it. After about 45 seconds my mascara was all but off my eyelashes and I was laughing. It ended up being a really good thing. I needed that cry. After that, I was in a great mood. (Ah, to be a girl and not even understand yourself, let alone have someone else understand you.)

I went to a National Day of Prayer service at the capitol building. It was kinda odd, seeing as it was hosted by Evangelicals and everyone in attendance was, well, not Mormon. I felt like I was in one of the commercials selling Christian music CDs, where everyone in the crowd has their arms in the air, eye closes, swaying to the music and singing the words. I guess I could've joined in, but I was holding a camera, a recorder, a notebook and pen, so putting my arms up would've been counter-productive. And I didn't know the words to the songs. I liked the experience of another faith (although I much prefer Sacrament Meeting and hymns). I especially liked hearing people shout, "AMEN!" and "Yes, sir. Praise Jesus." One Hispanic lady kept muttering over and over again, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesusssssssss," with the Mexican pronunciation, mind you. (Go back and read it again, saying it "Hay-soos.")

I was turning left out of the gas station today and the big truck next to me, waiting to turn right, kept back so I would be able to see cars coming in both directions. That was sure nice of him, huh? I thought so.

My roommate just got home. She's saying goodnight to her boyfriend and I can hear them. You know, like hear what they're doing. It's disgusting. So I turned on some music to drown them out. "When you see my face I hope it gives you hell. When you walk my way I hope it gives you hell..."

I wandered around Temple Square for a little over an hour today. I successfully avoided the sister missionaries until I walked into the North Visitor's Center, which, in effect, was like walking into a mine-field. There was no escape. Luckily I didn't say much about myself, thus not definitely identifying myself as a member or non-member, thus halting conversation. Then I walked away. It made for a fun game.

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  1. I love the pictures of the Temple! and tell your roommate she's gross