For some reason I'm afraid of phone calls. And I'm not sure why. But the thought of having to make a phone call to someone I don't know, or don't know very well, makes me start to hyperventilate and my heart race.
Ahoy, Ahoy, Alexander Graham Bell! (You know where I learned that from? "Glee." Yeah.)
OK, so I looked up Kirby Heyborne (from The R.M. and Singles Ward) the other day, just because. He has four CDs and some of the songs are streamed from his website. I listened to a few songs and despite my initial revoltion (which, p.s. isn't a word), I didn't want to turn it off. There's something familiar about his voice and it brings me a strange sense of joy. Maybe it's the association with the past, in Washington and visiting my family in Provo before I lived here. Anyway, I doubt I'd ever spend money on his music, but it's nice to listen to for free.

Image from here.
"Thus." I use that word a lot. I thought it was a common word to use. Apparently it's not. Thus, I guess I'm a weirdo. Meh.
I love the name Henry. Love it. My first born son will be named Henry. Well, hopefully. I suppose my husband will get a say in that.
The view from my bedroom window (I know, right?) and the sign Ben swiped from Home Depot for me. It's a great name. Henry.
I decided to utilize my spare time away from the computer. Obviously I failed by virtue that I'm typing this, but I did use some of my spare time this week to make a couple things.
The pieces of paper are from different envelopes. Have you ever noticed the different patterns on the inside of security envelopes? They're pretty cool, actually.
"A" is for Aurora. I was going to use pink, but Aurora is not a pink kind of girl, in my mind. She's tougher than that. Pink is for nancies. (No offense ... ) Ha ha. :o)
And finally, I pretty much have the most fun roommates ever. Kathryn will be living with us again in the fall, so right now we just pretend.
Sarah, me, Kathryn, Rachel

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  1. Aurora loves Pink. She is so NOT a pansy though....Lilly might be and she is a pink girl. We are trying to toughen her up. P.S. I totally agree with the phone thing. I HATE getting new VT routes because it scares me to death to call the new people and hear theiir reaction to a new VT. Know what I mean?