5 kilometers = 3.10689956 miles.

On Monday I ran 3.25 miles.

Things to do before I die #32 = accomplished.


I tried to take photos of the night sky and the skyline this past weekend. It didn't work very well. But that's OK. It reminds me to enjoy things with just my eyes, without a lens in front of them.


Did you watch "Glee" last night? Well, you should. This cracked me up -- Mr. Shu and Neil Patrick Harris ("Bryan Ryan") singing "Dream On."


I'm not really sure why unknown numbers call me and then they don't leave a message. Twice. You'd think if they took the time to call me multiple times, it'd be important enough to leave a message. Huh.


I get the feeling the desk editors don't like me very much. I should probably work on being more personable. I'm just not in the mood.

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  1. Good Job on #32. I liked Dream On, but I think Safe to Dance (Or is it Safety Dance?) was the best.