I called the government today. Yeah, the government. In Washington, D.C. I wanted to know some stuff for an article. They wanted to be off the record. I said I'd get back to them.

Over the course of the 2 minute conversation, I noticed my voice get deeper. I begin with a high-pitched, sweet, almost innocent voice that was an attempt at sugar-coating my request because I doubted they actually wanted to talk to me. But he was very official sounding, and not a jerk, so I relaxed. My vocal chords relaxed, actually. And I talked to him like I was Woodward. Or Bernstein. And I was a real reporter, getting information -- deep background, if you will -- on a government initiative that is being changed by the Obama administration in a sneaky way. But I can't quote him. He needs public affairs' approval.

I'm not going to be a famous reporter, defying my publisher or broadcaster like Murrow did, but I can still relax my vocal chords and talk to 'em straight. That feels good.


Oh my goodness, this is hecka cute. (From Wildflowers Photo, via 100 Layer Cake.)


I love "Glee." If you've never seen the show, then 1) You need to. 2) You won't think this is very funny until you do.

I've always liked this song. Now I like it even more.

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