Hey! Good news x2.
1) I have decided to intern at LDS Living Magazine this summer. No coffee runs (obviously), no being a gopher, just interviewing and writing and editing. Sweet.

2) I was offered the news editor position at The Daily Universe. It basically means I oversee all the other editors and have a lot of influence and get to take the brunt of the attacks people make on the newspaper. I know, right? Awesome! ;o) I'm pretty stoked.

Oh, I heard a few more songs today that took me back:

"High of 75" by Relient K --> Bagdad, Ariz. January 2005. Missing my Washington friends. Decorating my new room and feeling all rebellious with my "hard" music.

Ba ha ha. I forgot about this picture. Tyler Pacheco and me 2005

"Spit on a Stranger" by Nickel Creek --> Washington. Fall 2003. Walking to school after seminary with my sweet portable CD player.

"My Friends Over You" by New Found Glory --> Washington. Fall 2001. Driving to seminary with Thomas and Logan in the white Ford Taurus.

I thought this lyric was kinda funny.
"I got a man to stick it out and make a home from a rented house."
"Mushaboom" by Feist

Oh, hey, 180 years ago today The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized in Fayette, NY, restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth, along with the keys of the Priesthood and paving the way for other saving ordinances to be restored. I'm so grateful for the sacrifices of all the early saints, especially Joseph Smith. I know the church is true. I know Jesus Christ lives and is my Savior. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and contains the true gospel. The Holy Ghost has witnessed to me that these things are true. I know families can be eternal, which is a great comfort to me and at the same time, exciting! There's no one else I'd rather be with than my family for eternity.  God lives. I am His daughter. He hears my prayers and I feel His love through the many miracles, big and small, that occur everyday. We are so blessed to have the gospel on the earth today. It brings blessings and perspective and joy that cannot come from any other source.

Hear the words of the living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and other of Christ's apostles and disciples that were spoken just his past weekend at General Conference.


  1. Way to go on both job offers! yeah!

  2. awesome job offers, and I can't believe either you or Taylor was ever that young. I just did his Senior pictures, so check out my blog a few entries back and see how much he has grown up. they came back to Bagdad this year.