4.3.10 #2

You know how you hear a song and it transports you back? Six months, two years, 10 years? It's so weird. Today I was flooded with memories as I put my iTunes on random and let my mind take me on a free trip to four states, countless places, and more people than I cared to remember. ;o)

"I'm a Terrible Person" by Rooney --> Washington. High school friends. Driving the Camry. 2003-04.
Catherine, Stevie, me and Carly. 2005.

Kingston young women and young men. 2005.

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse --> Colorado. Dr. Mario with Thomas in a tent. Thanksgiving 2008.

"Bye Bye Bye" by N'SYNC --> Washington. Stevie, Carly, stake dances. 2003.
me and kyle at a stake dance in 2005. ba ha!

"Jumpin' Jumpin" by Destiny's Child --> Washington. Driving on Bond Rd. with Kelsey. 2000.

"Good Day" by Click Five --> Colorado. Catering -- delivering to the rehab center. Summer 2006.

"Call and Answer" by Barenaked Ladies --> Kountry Korner gas station and Edmonds with Deon. 1998?

"Keep Fishin'" by Weezer --> Washington. Catherine and the Muppets on the computer. 2002.

"Dream Big" by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band -->Utah. Foxwood Apts and college. 2006.

"On my Own" by Vincent Vincent and the Villains --> Dallas. Rented condo. Mom and Cath. Summer 2009.

Oh, good memories. ;o)


  1. I just found out on facebook that you have a blog and I had a fun time catching up on your life. I enjoyed it.... you are very creative!
    Tell your family hi for me. Morgan is still the Bishop and our life is a bit busy right now. I have stage 3 cancer, so I spend a lot of time sick in bed looking at blogs. Thanks for sharing yours with me. Love you guys!

  2. "How Bizzare" or maybe that's not even what's it 's call and I have no idea who it's by, but Kelsey, family reunion, 1998.

  3. that's so funny, I do the same thing. You have a way better memory than me though. OH and I just thought I'd point out how skinny I used to be. Well I am 6 months pregnant but still. Oh the good old days.