BYU Graduation 2010
(It's crazy that I'm already done. I still feel like a freshman, except most of the freshmen I meet now bug the heck out of me and I can't help but think, "Man, I'm glad I'm not a freshman.")

Dad and me after Commencement. He graduated with a bachelors and masters in geology from BYU back in the day. I graduated in print journalism. 

BJ (the gimp) and me before Commencement. It's been a long time since physical science, huh?

After Commencement. I was gazing at the unicorns and rainbows of my future. 

Mom, me and Catherine after Convocation for the College of Fine Arts and Communications. I guess that's my real degree: BA in Communications. 

Yay, print kids! Jackie, Ashley, Adam, me, Joseph and Joshua. 
(Jackie and Joseph are both former copy chiefs, Ashley was a copy editor, Joshua was a news editor, I am the news editor, and Adam, well, he's cool too. ;o)

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  1. yeah...welcome to the "real" world whatever that means...i still don't think i've entered that world