Thomas and I went to Monument Valley last weekend to visit Devon and Sarah and their boys. It was rad! These windmills are actually just in Spanish Fork, but we decided to stop before really starting the drive in order to take pictures. 

"You look like an Asian tourist." Thanks Navajo jewelry man. 

Thomas on the road from "Forest Gump."

Devon at Artist's Point.

It was a really short trip -- we got there on Friday night and left Sunday morning -- but it was so much fun. Thanks Sarah and Devon for letting us come and feeding us and showing us the sites. I love visiting Monument Valley because of the great people as well as the beautiful scenery.


I took two finals today. I stopped caring about studying after about 5 minutes, thus my 80 and 82% scores reflect my effort. So I won't graduate with a 3.9 -- a 3.89 is pretty good too. And I'll round up of course, so I will graduate with a 3.9 ;o)

A dude passed by me today and our shoes matched. They're purple shoes, so I'm not sure if I felt more uncomfortable for him, because he was wearing girl shoes, or for me, because I was wearing boy shoes. But, like I said, they're purple. Purple's kind of a girl color.

Tomorrow I take my last final of my undergraduate degree. Have I started studying yet? Of course not. Studying is for the weak. ;o)

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