Vacuums make my jaw clench up. The sound of them, that is.

Holding a reporter's notebook and a nice pen makes me feel powerful and important.

Finn from Glee is stinkin' adorable.

I am currently hiding out in my room, avoiding two people I really don't get along with. I hope they'll be gone soon. They make me anxious. (No, not my roommates or anyone I actually associate with regularly, if ever.)

I sold my scooter. :o( It's only sad because I really like my scooter and I haven't found a car yet. Getting rid of it, though, really has brought a lot of relief. So ...  :o)

And lastly, I LOVE spring weather. Love it.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! 

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  1. I love the music from Glee but haven't actually watched the show. Is it good? Oh, and I
    L-O-V-E your poe-um. So cute.