Things just aren't interesting without photos. So, after this crazy busy week of school work, work work, and internship interview preparation, I have a whole lot of nothing to write about here and no pictures to post. When I take some photos, I'll be back. (Not that any one actually misses me when I don't post, I just like to assume they do.)

Oh, one thing. It rained today and as I was walking to work, I gave my umbrella to a guy walking the opposite direction. I had a hood AND an umbrella, and he had neither, so I felt kinda selfish. Luckily he lives in my complex, so I didn't really give it away.

Does giving my umbrella away to him constitute a reason for him to ask me out? Just sayin'. ...


  1. it takes three instances like this for a guy to get the courage for a date...maybe you could give him your scooter, just sayin' ;0

  2. I think that Amber is right. Keep on truckin' is what I always say...ok, maybe i've said that once. P.S. I miss it very much when you don't post. I want to hear about your interview.