In May, my roommates and I are planning a trip to California. Both of them have never been to the Golden State, thus they have never been to Disneyland. (I know, right?!) We are so excited.

I've been to Disneyland three times before, the first time being when I was 13, but I don't know where those photos are. These are pictures from the last two times.

2005. Me and Cath with Snow White's wicked step-mother. Hilarious woman. (Can you tell I had been playing on an Arizona softball team? Holy junk, I was tan.)
2005. Me, Catherine and Dad in front of a fake cityscape.  And 2008, Ked and me at the same spot.
Me in a photo booth in 2005 and 2008.
I just realized, all the pictures except the first one were taken in California Adventure. Huh. Oh well.

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