I'm afraid, in my life, men are being replaced by my "career."
I never thought that would happen.
But, you see, men in my life seem to be so fickle and, well, in contrast, I keep getting more and more good news about my chosen career path.
My job, and those I'm interviewing for, give me praise.
My job(s) give me satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment.
My job is constant, faithful, loyal and I always know what I can do for it, and it gives back to me too.
Men, do not.

Ah, someday it'll change I guess. And I'm still very open to that.
I'd rather not be married to a computer, camera, and newspapers -- or any one of the above.
But for now, I am way more excited about an internship interview I have next week than I am about this weekend.
(Don't worry, I don't have any dates [yet] so it's not like I'm dissing anyone in particular.)

Movies tend to romanticize workaholics. — No, I lied. They frame the workaholic as pathetic and missing out on life. But then some incredible guy comes out of nowhere and sweeps the workaholic off her feet. That's when it gets all romanticized.

I'm OK with that.

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  1. Enjoy your job while you have one. Especially since you are so good at it. Good Luck on the interview!