I realized last semester I needed glasses, but not for reading like in high school, but for just the opposite. I was squinting to see the Power Point slides in political science. I didn't wave to people I knew on campus because half the time I didn't actually know them. It's a sad truth to encounter, indeed. So now I have glasses, but I don't always wear them. Why? Because the small frames accentuate the fact that my eyes are lopsided -- or my ears. So, I decided to get some new glasses. I considered these for a minute -- yes, I'm serious -- but then decided to go for something not so 1915 banker. (My great-great grandpa Redd had glasses like these. He was totally cool).

I'm not going to post a picture of the glasses I'm planning on ordering because I see it like asking what people think of a name for a baby yet-to-be-born. Yeah, you know what I mean.

I was in a horribly bad mood today. As in, I got angry if anyone came close to me. It was really strange. So I locked myself away in my room for a couple hours to chill out. At one point I heard some people knock on the front door, my roommate let them in, and I hurriedly shut off my light, climbed into bed and pretended to be asleep just in case they wanted to talk to me. Well, they didn't want to talk to me, and instead of pretending to sleep, I really did fall asleep. Meh. It was a nice nap. I woke up slightly happier, so all-in-all it was a good idea.

Part II.
So, you know how my last post was called "Part I"? Well, it turns out there really was only one part. Ha. But, I do have another photo:
Me in front (or rather, back) of the Logan, UT Temple. My favorite temple. 

I'm writing a poem. One of several for a class. It begins with, "Eat my shorts." Yeah, it's gonna be good.

I sit next to the same boy in my religion class every day. We talk about the weather and our weekends. I don't know his last name. I almost prefer it that way. Less pressure, I guess. Maybe. Our relationship is so basic and simple, it's relieving. Weird, maybe, I know, but it's true. And I like that it's a constant, too. I come to class first, and a couple minutes later he always says, "Excuse me," and sits down next to me. I guess I should move it to the next level and ask his last name. Maybe we'll even become Facebook friends! But then, there goes our simple, first-name friendship. Hmm, I have three more class periods to figure out what to do. ;o) 


A Weekend Adventure to Idaho -- Part I

Soda Springs, Idaho geyser

Hooper Spring -- A naturally carbonated spring that tasted pretty bitter. Not exactly something I'd bottle up and bring home. 


Looks appetizing, eh? ;o)

Then we found a dead bird.
Overall, a pretty good Saturday outing.


You know what's good? Snickers bars.

That's all.


Sarah cracks me up.

No news yet about the internships I interviewed for last week. Fingers still crossed and my hopes still high. :oS

A final thought tonight:
I should've known better. So, on to the next.

3.20.10 #2

Kathryn and Sarah.
We're going to Disneyland in May. Yeah. We're stoked.


A Friday Stroll in the Park

One day, I went to the park and stood by the fence.
Then I decided to play baseball, but I didn't have anyone to play with.
 They were playing soccer and didn't notice me.
On the way home, I passed a puddle.
Then I saw Jordan.
Before I left the park, I walked on the sidewalk.
And also saw this note written on a utility box.
It was a pretty good day. Mt. Timp thought so too.


Things just aren't interesting without photos. So, after this crazy busy week of school work, work work, and internship interview preparation, I have a whole lot of nothing to write about here and no pictures to post. When I take some photos, I'll be back. (Not that any one actually misses me when I don't post, I just like to assume they do.)

Oh, one thing. It rained today and as I was walking to work, I gave my umbrella to a guy walking the opposite direction. I had a hood AND an umbrella, and he had neither, so I felt kinda selfish. Luckily he lives in my complex, so I didn't really give it away.

Does giving my umbrella away to him constitute a reason for him to ask me out? Just sayin'. ...


In May, my roommates and I are planning a trip to California. Both of them have never been to the Golden State, thus they have never been to Disneyland. (I know, right?!) We are so excited.

I've been to Disneyland three times before, the first time being when I was 13, but I don't know where those photos are. These are pictures from the last two times.

2005. Me and Cath with Snow White's wicked step-mother. Hilarious woman. (Can you tell I had been playing on an Arizona softball team? Holy junk, I was tan.)
2005. Me, Catherine and Dad in front of a fake cityscape.  And 2008, Ked and me at the same spot.
Me in a photo booth in 2005 and 2008.
I just realized, all the pictures except the first one were taken in California Adventure. Huh. Oh well.


I'm afraid, in my life, men are being replaced by my "career."
I never thought that would happen.
But, you see, men in my life seem to be so fickle and, well, in contrast, I keep getting more and more good news about my chosen career path.
My job, and those I'm interviewing for, give me praise.
My job(s) give me satisfaction and a feeling of fulfillment.
My job is constant, faithful, loyal and I always know what I can do for it, and it gives back to me too.
Men, do not.

Ah, someday it'll change I guess. And I'm still very open to that.
I'd rather not be married to a computer, camera, and newspapers -- or any one of the above.
But for now, I am way more excited about an internship interview I have next week than I am about this weekend.
(Don't worry, I don't have any dates [yet] so it's not like I'm dissing anyone in particular.)

Movies tend to romanticize workaholics. — No, I lied. They frame the workaholic as pathetic and missing out on life. But then some incredible guy comes out of nowhere and sweeps the workaholic off her feet. That's when it gets all romanticized.

I'm OK with that.


A couple pictures from the weekend.

The Brimhall -- I spend more time here than almost anywhere else.

Fellow journalist, Krystin, reading a paper. How fitting. ;o)


Kelsey sent me flowers at work last week. Pretty much made my week. Thanks Kels! 
[Yes, my co-workers made fun of me for taking this picture of myself, "but it was worth it, don't you think?" -- That quote was for you Kelsey.]


By Elizabeth Gosney

I never seriously considered running away.
I just liked to pretend.
With kerchief and branch, I marched into the woods.
There it was quiet, still
But alive.
The trees guarded me in green glory,
Their limbs stretched out, shielding me from harm.
The pointed ferns stroked my bare ankles,
Their pollen painted my pant legs.
The slime of slugs glistened on the moss-clad logs.
The soft mud, oozing with the remains of the dead, clung to my shoes
Like a child to his mother.
I walked determined, a girl with no destination.
I stretched my stubby legs wide, hurdling a fallen tree.
For one moment out of a thousand, my eyes fell downward.
There sat a toad, an inch from my stomping foot.
An inch from death.

Here the trees have morphed into buildings.
The noise wraps my head in a vice --
Squeezing, pressing, crushing.
From behind closed lids, I run away to the trees.
They reach out to me, my towering brothers.
I straddle the log and see the toad.
Unaffected, unacknowledging, unaware.

I am the toad.