Thoughts on a Sunday night.

Life is good. It's not excellent, but it sure isn't bad either. It's good. And you know, I think that's the ideal place to be. At least for me. When it's excellent, it's often also stressful and emotional. When it's bad, well, it's pretty miserable. But when life is just plain good, well, then things are comfortable. I like comfortable. And things can always get better too, and I like better.

I went to a show last night. It was heavy metal and I hated it. But I was with friends, so that made it OK. I plugged my right ear every time it crackled. And I laughed at all the ridiculous musicians who take themselves so seriously. At first I sincerely tried to appreciate the music, but then I stopped. It wasn't worth appreciating because, well, it wasn't really music.

I often feel like a 13-year-old. Sometimes I feel like a 400-year-old troll. And occasionally I feel like a 22-year-old woman. Almost always it's determined by the people around me. I sure like the people who make me feel like the person I am -- a lady.

Thoughts on a Monday night.

I sat next to a girl today with a very large laptop balanced on her very average knees. I glanced over at her desktop background. It was of a young woman in an elegant wedding gown. I thought that was sort of odd, then I realized the woman on the computer was the same woman holding the computer and I thought that was really odd. Why would you put a picture of yourself as your desktop background? That's like having pictures of yourself in your wallet. I'll be the first to admit I have narcissistic tendencies, but I'm not gonna let the world know that.

I just realized, maybe it was her husband's computer.
Oh well. My criticism still stands.

Over the weekend I watched the movie, "Adam" starring Hugh Dancy. I had high expectations, and they all came crashing down. OK, OK, that's a little extreme. I just would've changed the ending and taken out some of the sensuality. I did, however, love the music. One of the featured artists was The Weepies -- I wrote their band name down a few months ago with the intent to look them up. I wish I'd done that earlier. They are spectacular. See?

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