As much as I hate the snow, it does make me feel like our apartment is more like a home, that my roommates and ward members are more like my family, and Christmas really is coming.

I went to the Creamery last night to get milk. On the way home, with hood up, mittens on and head down, I was just concentrating really hard on not falling on my ice--i mean, the ice. A car pulled up next to me and a girl my age shouted to me, "Wanna ride?" Obviously, my first instinct is to say, "Nah, I'm good. Thanks!" She asked if I was sure and I assured her I was sure. As she drove away after the 3 second encounter, I realized why I had said no. It's not because of the dozens of lessons and lectures from pre-school to junior high that taught me never to get into a stranger's car. No, instead I thought to myself, "I don't want to get a ride from her. I'd have to make small talk. I hate small talk."

Yeah. So I guess all I have to do with my kids is express to them the horrors of awkward small talk with strangers and they'll run screaming from any stranger's car.

I really like this idea. I should do that. I WILL do that. Over the break.

Happy birthday to me!

[get it? i'm 22. ha.]


  1. Happy Birthday!! I'm with you about the snow...and the small talk.

  2. Happy Birthday. Get ready for more cakesters than you can ever imagine when you get here. I mean it.

  3. LOL. Oh, Elizabeth i miss you. Yeah i've had that thought before, "nah, i'm good" but then Heather said "Yeah sure" and i thought the very nice ladies were going to KILL me and heather, i guess the small talk thing didn't bother 13 year old heather (no really i thought the lady was going to kill both of us)