Today I took this picture:

Then, after removing the fish-eye attachment and attempting to replace the lens cap, it slipped out of my hand, bounced twice on the wooden deck and jumped over the guard rail into the water. I was quite upset at myself, but after realizing it hadn't sunk and the water was pretty still (thus it stayed in the same place) I ran to the nearest aquarium employee seeking aid. After being assured they'd send someone with a net, I went back to the scene of the accident to keep an eye on the helpless victim. I waited and waited and waited. It slowly moved under the boat, then came back out and just as it was about to disappear under the dock, a man with a net attached to a long pole came out and rescued my cheap, but irreplaceable, lens cap from the green, slimy depths of the Albuquerque Aquarium pond. I took the lens cap, and as I wiped it clean with the sleeve of my sweatshirt, I said with determination and sincerity, "Thank you!" He said, "You're welcome," and nothing else. I kinda laughed to fill the silence as I looked down at my feet and walked away. I felt like I needed to say more, but what? The gap of time I had to say something else was about 2 seconds, and it passed in silence. I've never been good at verbalizing things, whether it be gratitude, love, praise, sorrow, or anger (Though I sure do verbalize things when I'm angry, it just never sounds good.) Give me a piece of paper and pen and I have no problem saying exactly what I want. But out loud? On the spot? Nope. I feel bad though. I'm really grateful for that man, but he probably doesn't know it. I guess I should write the aquarium a note.

I bought a song from a movie soundtrack online today. As I listened to it I thought, "This is a good Christmas-time song. I'll have to remember to play it when it's Christmas soon." But in an instant my mental calendar flashed in front of me and I realized Christmas was over. What happened? I feel like I missed it. But I was there. I saw the tree, heard the carolers, ate the cookies, smelled the peppermint, felt the wrapping paper. But some how I still missed it. Or maybe there just wasn't enough of it. School crowds into it on both sides-- finals on one side, new classes on the other. I think that's bogus. There is a severe need for more Christmas. Or maybe less school. Or both. Yeah. Both.

If you're ever looking for a way to make the aquarium more exciting, just take some cold medicine before you go. Holy wow, I felt like I was in the fish tanks and the kids were tapping on the glass and there was a strobe light going off. The jelly fish area was especially hallucinatory.
The fact that I was drowning in my own fluids also helped the overall experience.

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