i promised i wouldn't post my stop-motion short until someone else *cough*catherine*cough* posts hers (which, p.s., she hasn't even started yet). But here's a picture to tie you over as you anxiously await the next production to come from E.Go Studios.

i know, right?

At work, we always jokingly type in headlines that we know the editors will kill (a.k.a. make us change) before the paper goes to print. Apparently the web editors at CNN didn't think this one needed any adjustments. You can't blame 'em. They're working on Christmas, they needed a little pick-me-up.

I feel pretty awful when something bad happens to someone else. That's what's I'm supposed to feel, yes? But sometimes something bad happening to someone else makes me happy. No, not because I have a vendetta against them or I like to see people suffer--heavens no. But sometimes something kind of unfortunate for one person means something awesome for me. --- Wow, that sounds even more selfish and awful typed out than it did in my head. It makes a lot more sense and makes me sound like less of a jerk if I were to actually explain the situation. But seeing as this is a public blog, I better keep it vague and just allow the world to see me as a self-centered, heartless wench without a soul. Eh. It could be worse.

i mean, i could have this face. oh wait.....

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