My little buddy Mason. Well, we're not real buddy-buddy yet, but he's getting more used to me. He's a crack up. He looks like a different member of the family depending on the angle, huh?

Tucker was a little less focused on Indiana Jones than Hayden. ;o)



Finals were this week. On Monday I had two, both scheduled and both essay format. After conquering the first, I came home to study for the second one and was met by the strong desire to make balloon animals instead. And I did. And I liked it! (That was meant to be said in a voice resembling that of Michael 'Squints' Palledorous.)

Lions 1 and 2.

The monkeys proved to be the most difficult. The lion with the mane worked fine, but that green monkey looks more like an alligator -- especially with those fangs. I appropriately deemed it a zombie monkey because of the ambiguity of its form.

I discovered I'd make a mediocre clown and that there are way too many grown men making YouTube videos about how to make balloon animals. As for MFG 201? Well, I'm sure my test scores will reflect how hard I studied...

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  1. I think the one of Mason that looks like Tucker also looks like Scotty. Cute boy. It is pretty cool that you can see all of our family in one. Cute animals too.