Katie, Kyle, and I went to lunch today for our December birthdays. I think it's fun that we've known each other since 9th grade and still hang out every once in a while. ;o)

I don't know where Katie was on graduation day ... I was only there visiting after being at BYU for a semester. Huh. Wait, she graduated early too, I think. Yeah. Huh.

Fall 2006
Christina, Molly, Katie and I holding Kyle. Cuuuute.

I know I have pictures of us Poulsbo/Kingston kids at dances and stuff somewhere. I gotta find those, they're pretty great.

Looking back, I sure was blessed with a lot of really good friends in high school. Some people get a few years away from their teenage years and say things like, "Man, high school was horrible." or, "I'm so glad I'm not a high schooler any more." I've said that about junior high, but high school was really good. I wasn't part of the so-called "in" crowd, but I didn't want to be because I was in with THE crowd.
Ha. Yeah. I had and have some really good friends. No booze, no sex, no alcohol, no peer pressure. Just stake dances, early morning seminary, game days, movie nights, Central Market, inside jokes, and outside lunches.

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