Today I took this picture:

Then, after removing the fish-eye attachment and attempting to replace the lens cap, it slipped out of my hand, bounced twice on the wooden deck and jumped over the guard rail into the water. I was quite upset at myself, but after realizing it hadn't sunk and the water was pretty still (thus it stayed in the same place) I ran to the nearest aquarium employee seeking aid. After being assured they'd send someone with a net, I went back to the scene of the accident to keep an eye on the helpless victim. I waited and waited and waited. It slowly moved under the boat, then came back out and just as it was about to disappear under the dock, a man with a net attached to a long pole came out and rescued my cheap, but irreplaceable, lens cap from the green, slimy depths of the Albuquerque Aquarium pond. I took the lens cap, and as I wiped it clean with the sleeve of my sweatshirt, I said with determination and sincerity, "Thank you!" He said, "You're welcome," and nothing else. I kinda laughed to fill the silence as I looked down at my feet and walked away. I felt like I needed to say more, but what? The gap of time I had to say something else was about 2 seconds, and it passed in silence. I've never been good at verbalizing things, whether it be gratitude, love, praise, sorrow, or anger (Though I sure do verbalize things when I'm angry, it just never sounds good.) Give me a piece of paper and pen and I have no problem saying exactly what I want. But out loud? On the spot? Nope. I feel bad though. I'm really grateful for that man, but he probably doesn't know it. I guess I should write the aquarium a note.

I bought a song from a movie soundtrack online today. As I listened to it I thought, "This is a good Christmas-time song. I'll have to remember to play it when it's Christmas soon." But in an instant my mental calendar flashed in front of me and I realized Christmas was over. What happened? I feel like I missed it. But I was there. I saw the tree, heard the carolers, ate the cookies, smelled the peppermint, felt the wrapping paper. But some how I still missed it. Or maybe there just wasn't enough of it. School crowds into it on both sides-- finals on one side, new classes on the other. I think that's bogus. There is a severe need for more Christmas. Or maybe less school. Or both. Yeah. Both.

If you're ever looking for a way to make the aquarium more exciting, just take some cold medicine before you go. Holy wow, I felt like I was in the fish tanks and the kids were tapping on the glass and there was a strobe light going off. The jelly fish area was especially hallucinatory.
The fact that I was drowning in my own fluids also helped the overall experience.


i promised i wouldn't post my stop-motion short until someone else *cough*catherine*cough* posts hers (which, p.s., she hasn't even started yet). But here's a picture to tie you over as you anxiously await the next production to come from E.Go Studios.

i know, right?

At work, we always jokingly type in headlines that we know the editors will kill (a.k.a. make us change) before the paper goes to print. Apparently the web editors at CNN didn't think this one needed any adjustments. You can't blame 'em. They're working on Christmas, they needed a little pick-me-up.

I feel pretty awful when something bad happens to someone else. That's what's I'm supposed to feel, yes? But sometimes something bad happening to someone else makes me happy. No, not because I have a vendetta against them or I like to see people suffer--heavens no. But sometimes something kind of unfortunate for one person means something awesome for me. --- Wow, that sounds even more selfish and awful typed out than it did in my head. It makes a lot more sense and makes me sound like less of a jerk if I were to actually explain the situation. But seeing as this is a public blog, I better keep it vague and just allow the world to see me as a self-centered, heartless wench without a soul. Eh. It could be worse.

i mean, i could have this face. oh wait.....


Happy Christmas from Texas!
[For more pho-to-graphs of mine, click here.]


You know when you feel your phone vibrate just to pick it up and realize it wasn't vibrating? I experience that at least twice a day. I think there's something wrong with me.

You know how during finals week everyone and their dog posts fifty-bajillion status updates about the finals they've taken, are going to take, or their dog is going to take? This week was finals week and I didn't mention it at all. I hardly care, why would anyone else? I think there's something right with me.

You know when you're really bummed out and you want to feel sad but something is telling you there's no reason to be? Well, sometimes that voice is wrong and there is a reason and I just want to feel sad for a little bit. And that's OK with me.

You know how college students say they "bleed blue" or "bleed purple" or whatever, depending on their school colors? I bet U of U students feel pretty silly when they have to say, "I bleed red," because other people are probably thinking, "Well of course you do. Genius."

You know when you're typing a Word document and you spell something wrong and a jagged red line appears beneath it? Sometimes when I'm writing in my journal I expect that line to appear below my handwriting. I'm always disappointed.

You know what makes Christmas, CHRISTMAS in my mind?
  • Ginger cookies
  • The Cajun Night Before Christmas
  • Ornaments from Grandma Deon
  • Bingo on Christmas Eve
  • Thin mints in my stocking
  • A really haggard picture of all of us on Christmas morning (except Thomas, because he always makes us wait so he can shower.)
  • Watching movies with Catherine from 4 a.m. until everyone else wakes up.
  • Breakfast burritos
  • Family. Of course.
  • Realizing that no matter what else happens, my Savior will always be there. He lives. His life, His Atonement, His death and His resurrection are what make everything possible. Everything. Surely it is true that by small and simple means--a baby in a manger 2,000 years ago--great things are brought to pass. Things we can't even comprehend. I think my head would explode if I was able to fully comprehend it all right now. Yeah, that great of things. Woah.
Merry Christmas!


My little buddy Mason. Well, we're not real buddy-buddy yet, but he's getting more used to me. He's a crack up. He looks like a different member of the family depending on the angle, huh?

Tucker was a little less focused on Indiana Jones than Hayden. ;o)



Finals were this week. On Monday I had two, both scheduled and both essay format. After conquering the first, I came home to study for the second one and was met by the strong desire to make balloon animals instead. And I did. And I liked it! (That was meant to be said in a voice resembling that of Michael 'Squints' Palledorous.)

Lions 1 and 2.

The monkeys proved to be the most difficult. The lion with the mane worked fine, but that green monkey looks more like an alligator -- especially with those fangs. I appropriately deemed it a zombie monkey because of the ambiguity of its form.

I discovered I'd make a mediocre clown and that there are way too many grown men making YouTube videos about how to make balloon animals. As for MFG 201? Well, I'm sure my test scores will reflect how hard I studied...


Katie, Kyle, and I went to lunch today for our December birthdays. I think it's fun that we've known each other since 9th grade and still hang out every once in a while. ;o)

I don't know where Katie was on graduation day ... I was only there visiting after being at BYU for a semester. Huh. Wait, she graduated early too, I think. Yeah. Huh.

Fall 2006
Christina, Molly, Katie and I holding Kyle. Cuuuute.

I know I have pictures of us Poulsbo/Kingston kids at dances and stuff somewhere. I gotta find those, they're pretty great.

Looking back, I sure was blessed with a lot of really good friends in high school. Some people get a few years away from their teenage years and say things like, "Man, high school was horrible." or, "I'm so glad I'm not a high schooler any more." I've said that about junior high, but high school was really good. I wasn't part of the so-called "in" crowd, but I didn't want to be because I was in with THE crowd.
Ha. Yeah. I had and have some really good friends. No booze, no sex, no alcohol, no peer pressure. Just stake dances, early morning seminary, game days, movie nights, Central Market, inside jokes, and outside lunches.


I turned 22 on the 8th. After getting home from work, my roommates (Kathryn and Sarah), friend Jordan, and I had brownies, ice cream, and pizza. I'm not much into parties any more, so it was perfect.

p.s. Relient K's Christmas album (Let is Snow ... Let it Reindeer) is great. G-R-8.

12.9.09 #2

This looks like a keeper. ;o) It comes out on the 18th. Rated PG.


"A BYU Greek Tragedy"
As promised.
And the critics are raving, truly. My professor even liked it. (No doubt a great shock to me. A score of 195/200? Shut up!)
Please laugh. Please ridicule it. If I made it to be taken seriously, I wouldn't have made it.



As much as I hate the snow, it does make me feel like our apartment is more like a home, that my roommates and ward members are more like my family, and Christmas really is coming.

I went to the Creamery last night to get milk. On the way home, with hood up, mittens on and head down, I was just concentrating really hard on not falling on my ice--i mean, the ice. A car pulled up next to me and a girl my age shouted to me, "Wanna ride?" Obviously, my first instinct is to say, "Nah, I'm good. Thanks!" She asked if I was sure and I assured her I was sure. As she drove away after the 3 second encounter, I realized why I had said no. It's not because of the dozens of lessons and lectures from pre-school to junior high that taught me never to get into a stranger's car. No, instead I thought to myself, "I don't want to get a ride from her. I'd have to make small talk. I hate small talk."

Yeah. So I guess all I have to do with my kids is express to them the horrors of awkward small talk with strangers and they'll run screaming from any stranger's car.

I really like this idea. I should do that. I WILL do that. Over the break.

Happy birthday to me!

[get it? i'm 22. ha.]