Once upon a time I went for a scooter ride. While driving through an intersection, a car attempted to turn left in front of me--as in, he was facing me, yielding on green, but decided he'd had enough yielding. Well, good thing my brakes work, or else I would've T-boned him and ended up looking like ground beef.

Then, later that day, I was out-and-about on my scooter and it was dark outside ... because it was nighttime. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a large object moving across the street toward me--as in, larger than a bread box. It was a biker trying to cross the street in front of me, maybe trying to make a left turn onto the side street. As I swerved around his idiocy, I yelled out, "Sorry!" and made a horrifically horrified face. "Wait a second," I thought, "I shouldn't be apologizing." He should be thanking me for showing him (without a fatality) what can happen to bikers who think they rule the road. Even a lowly scooter like mine could turn him into oatmeal.

I'm hungry.

words i dispise:
hubby (for "husband")
bestie (for "best friend")
pissed (ugly word)
aunt (said like "ont")
chick (for "a girl")

You know what's good? Knock-off brand Oreos and Creamery skim milk. It's so good, I had a dream about it last night.

Seriously, I'm so hungry.

p.s. 30 days until my birthday.

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  1. Don't forget Prego. I hate Preggers more though.