"Stories only happen to those who are able to tell them." -- Paul Auster

Is there anything that sounds more ridiculous, when it's supposed to sound serious, than "Hail to the Chief"? I submit there is not.

I'm sitting at the airport on the thin window sill, a handrail in my back, waiting for my flight that leaves in an hour. Directly in front of me is a couple, dressed as if about to climb a mountain and sleep in a tent. They seem nice enough. But any kind thoughts I have for them are clouded by the fact that they have taken a bench of 3 seats and pulled it toward themselves so they not only have a place for their back-sides, but their feet also. Heaven forbid I should want a seat without a rod sticking into my back if that means imposing on the comfort of their feet. Seriously? They look like they could hibernate on a pile of rocks, and yet they need six seats for two people. Nice.
Update: An old man, bless his soul, came over a few minutes after I wrote the above statement and pulled the bench right out from under their feet. He smiled and made an inaudible comment, then he sat down and read his newspaper. He's got the right idea: don't blog about your people-problems. Do something about them. But I have to say, people forgive you a lot easier when you're either very young or very old. They must assume you're incoherent or crazy. I can't wait for those days.


Coming soon: 

"A BYU Greek Tragedy"
Starring Barbie and Ken as Molly Mormon and Peter Priesthood

Critics are raving.


Thanksgiving was awesome. In part because of this little face, and the other one that looks just like it.


  1. Critics are raving what? Raving Lunatics? Yeah, that sounds about right.