ten things that make me happy.
[forgive me if i've said some of these before. my memory is failing me, as it usually does.]

1) the thought of being home in 12 days.
2) wind and autumn leaves and my hair all mixed together.
3) when my phone vibrates just when i was feeling all alone in the world.
4) flowers, bows and feathers for my hair.
5) fake mustaches.
6) spelling a hard word on the computer and no jagged, red line appearing underneath it.
7) sweatshirts. the kind with hoods.
8) mail. the good kind, not the junk kind.
9) watching 'Robin Hood' with my roommates.
10) the thought of 2010. i have a feeling i'm going to love that year.

11) playing board games via skype with my family.

[screen shot taken by ben of me playing the harmonica for them in between rounds of trivial pursuit]

[catherine was stumped apparently. crazy canadians.]

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  1. That was pretty fun. We should make it a regular thing. I need to get a new Trivial Pursuit. Like one that we can actually answer the questions without Google.