Consider these:

"The only useful knowledge is that which betters us."

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

"Know thyself."


short story:

It's amazing what crying can do to a person. Some say it's exhausting, that it "takes it out of you." I can see that. Well, I know that, actually. But lately, when I cry, I'm filled with a new kind of energy. I'd like to be able to cry myself to sleep, but instead I cry and lay there, wide awake in the dark. My eyes feel worn out, like my muscles do after working in the yard for several hours. But it's a satisfying feeling amidst the tenderness of the skin. My eyes feel big, like they're protruding out of my face. But "protruding" is such a harsh word, and the feeling is not a harsh one. Under my cheeks and nose I can feel my sinuses tighten and relax. That too, is oddly satisfying. My head feels clearer after I weep. My body feels cleansed. What crying takes out of you is tears and snot. And what it lets out of you is emotions you didn't realize were so strong, cares you didn't realize were so important. For me, crying releases things from within you that are no longer needed while creating a resolve within you to take what you still need and make it better, more important, more treasured. It's amazing what crying can do to a person.

dahlias? yes, please.
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