"Do not be concerned about whether or not others know you; be concerned about whether or not you know others." --Confucius

I haven't felt inclined to write anything lately. Well, not anything of consequence, anything personal, or anything fit to print (even on my blog). I've been writing in my journal a lot though. I've been talking to my sisters and my mom a lot. I've been thinking and discussing and stewing. And after I'm done, I feel no desire to type it here. For one, it's much too complicated. And for another, it's mine. What can I say, I'm a selfish person. I don't want to share. And then I get to thinking maybe there's something morally wrong with this blog of mine. No, that's silly. It's not morally wrong to share thoughts and ideas and, yes, even feelings, with the internet world. But lately it hasn't felt right. So instead I'll copy and paste others' thoughts and pretend I'm cool like them, being all profound in my statements about life. And if you get a call from me, you can count yourself as either lucky because you get to know what I'm not writing here, or very unlucky, because you have to listen to my nonsense. Oh, the glass. Half-empty or half-full?

(Either way, I'm still thirsty.)