I think that expressing "happiness" and "gratitude" has been exhausted in my life. So in attempt to make things a little more balanced with the other emotions, here's another sort of list...

things that make me sad:

1- washing perfectly good brownie batter down the drain.
2- my favorite pen running out of ink.
3- wanting more hours at work but getting to go home early.
4- missing a call from someone i actually want to talk to.
5- having no missed calls after being in the bowels of the library for 5 hours.
6- eating a really good burrito and then biting into something not so good.
7- smiling at a stranger just to realized they're blind.
8- having a cute boy sit next to me in class, and then immediately move seats because they see someone they know, thus leave to sit next to them. (jerks).
9- standing right underneath a school bell when it goes off.
10- people missing a perfectly good joke because i said it too softly.

i know, i know, this may have been hard for some of you to read. my life really isn't as happy as you thought, huh? that'll teach you to assume.

p.s. the first time my mom told me what "assuming" does i was completely lost. "Uh, a-s-s-u-m-ing? wait, where's the "me?" that's stupid. all they could come up with was "ass." I could do that. you know what giving "assignments" does to you, right? har har har... lame."

[photo found on nashvillepost.com]


  1. That was pretty funny if I dod say so myself...and I do. It's good to know you aren't perfect, I was starting to wonder. I love that picture.

  2. That post was from ME, Kelsey, but Catherine was signed in on my computer...silly girl.