Tucker at his birthday party, with the cool cake Anna made. Happy 5th birthday, Tuck-Tuck!

Speaking of birthdays, happy day Charlie! Are you jealous of the mask I got in the mail for his party? You should be. It's SEWIOUS!

New hair cut. Not bad for $14, huh? (It actually cost $17 because they tricked me by asking if I wanted my hair washed, but didn't say it cost an extra $3! Oh, BYU, you are such cheapskates.)

Really fun invitation. I'm so over the normal, everyday, forgettable invitations that I see.
[from hellolucky.com, found also here.]

For some reason these pictures got me anxious to have a flower garden--especially if I could have some of the plants inside in beakers. Am I right?
[found here]

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  1. Oooo. Hot Sthuff coming through! I like your hair!