I did it. I beat Dr. Mario, level 20, on "HI" speed. After 3 days of trying, it truly was a momentous occasion. But the only one there to share in my joy was Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum and Canoe--all singing from my radio at different times during the 5 minutes or so it took me to kill all the viruses.

I always hesitate posting things about weddings because I don't want to seem like I'm wedding/marriage crazy, especially seeing as I'm not engaged or otherwise justified in looking seriously as wedding ideas. But I always post things anyway because regardless of how close to or far away from getting married I am, it's fun to explore and share. (Other girls will agree with me.) So, here are a couple things I found lately on photography and design blogs having to do with weddings:

"Wedding Brief" via the Little White Book blog. [Some things a wedding planner would ask the couple]

What's the one thing we want to remember?
What’s the one thing we want our guests to remember?
We're standing at the altar and we turn around to look at the congregation, these are the people we hope to see...

Three words that describe us as a couple...
If we boiled down the look and feeling we want to achieve/capture in our wedding, we’d use these three words/images/ideas to describe it….
These are the things we can’t live without. They’re mandatory….

Our budget is...

[Here are the things I want to remember to do for my reception.]

--glass bottled pop
--jars of candy [favors]
--"photo booth" (back drop, camera, etc.)
--short dress
--no suit coats
--chocolate cake
--really good photographer
--finger print guest book

[photos by Jonas Peterson, via Vintage Glam Weddings]

We had a lemonade party last week. There were lots of dress-ups going on (as in, on the kids, on us...) including these awesome glasses.



Catherine and me.

Part of the lemonade party after party...



  1. I could watch that video a million times and still laugh my head off. I may have to steal that from you. Thanks for posting it.